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Brazilian Hardwood Decking

Brazilian decking is world renowned for its genuine strength, natural mold resistance, & elegant appearance. When you choose us as your supplier, you also benefit from affordable pricing, and one-one-one customer service with someone who knows how to install, and maintain this wonderful decking material.

Ipe Brazilian Hardwood Decking
Genuine Beauty You Can Depend On

Here are 7 reasons why our selection of Brazilian Hardwood decking is more reliable than bamboo and composite deck materials:

  1. Higher performance & lower total cost than composite decking
  2. Brazilian hardwoods naturally resist mold, decay, & termites - no chemicals needed!
  3. A proven lifespan of at least 30+ years
  4. None of the maintenance issues that plague plastic & PVC decks
  5. A safe, natural and fast-drying slip resistant surface
  6. Safe for bare feet, & surface stays cooler even during hot weather
  7. A wide range of colors that match to accentuate your home's style

Take advantage of our special Brazilian hardwood decking prices on Tigerwood, Cumaru, Ipe, and Garapa. With mill-to-job-site shipping your order of premium grade Brazilian hardwood decking will get to you fast.

Save more, get more, enjoy life more on a deck made of Brazilian Hardwood.

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