Install Tongue & Groove Porch Decking

If you want a covered porch that you can enjoy all-year-round, then Brazilian hardwood Tongue & Groove Porch Decking is the way to go. Since porch decking has to be installed differently than standard decking, here is an illustrated guide:

Design the porch with a slant so that water can drain off. Remember, T&G decking must be installed in a covered area.

1.   Tongue & Groove decking must be installed directly onto the joists, not a sub-floor, so that it can get ventilation.

2.   At a 45° angle, predrill into the seam where the boards will meet.

3.   Drive a stainless steel trim head screw through your pilot hole and into the joist.

4.   Slide the next deck board into place. It should cover up the trim screw head.

We always recommend getting advice from your a local professional deck builder. Prior to installation, and to make sure your deck will pass inspection, you must reference your local building department's deck building codes.

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